Our Story

As with many before, it only took one float to get us hooked. We immediately knew this was a unique experience that we wanted to share with others. After a few long walks in the forest, several coffee-shop meetings, a trip to the float conference in Portland, and some floats along the way, we began visualizing our ideal float centre. Striving to share floating with as many people as possible, we found that Burlington (our home town), would be the perfect place to set up shop.

We embarked on our first "real world" entrepreneurial journey, and remained driven by the belief that floating is an excellent tool for personal wellness. Whether it be after a workout, or a stressful day, there wasn't anything quite like the warm, cozy feeling of laying down weightless in a tank. It is an amazingly simple yet powerful tool, with the ability to enhance anyone's life. Whether you use it for personal development, physiological benefits, psychological benefits, or a combination of sorts, we believe floating has the ability to positively impact and deeply aid anyone who sets forth into the presence of complete nothingness...


Mental, Physical, & Spiritual Wellness


Through superior design & service, GoFloat aims to facilitate personal wellness, while sharing floating with as many people as possible. We strive to distinguish ourselves as the industry leader, & exemplary standard within the global float community.










About Jan

My love affair with floating first started when Geoff took me out for a float in 2016. Immediately I realized this was a unique experience that I wanted to share with others. After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from McMaster University, I was working for Pepsi. On paper, it seemed I was set. Ready to climb the corporate ladder. But in the back of my mind something kept telling me I had another calling. After a few more floats, it was clear - time to ditch the corporate life and embark on my own salty journey.

At first it was just a dream. It felt like a movie. Something surreal that we were only thinking of exploring. But after several months of putting down our thoughts on paper, GoFloat Studios became something real. Something completely within our reach. And now, here we are.


About Geoff

I first heard about floating on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast in highschool when it was still commonly referred to as “sensory deprivation”. It seemed like an underground activity only those on the fringe would seek out, being so unavailable back then. A few years later in university, my interest in exploring consciousness naturally led me to a one-tank centre with a friend...it was in the basement of some lady’s house in Thornhill! (She was super nice). There were no other float centres west of Toronto, so I knew there was an opportunity. In the next couple of years, several centres popped up in Ontario, reinforcing the idea of opening my own.

After introducing Jan to floating, we started thinking of what our ideal center would be, and how to provide the best float experience possible. Ideas turned into actions and we kept bringing our vision into reality until GoFloat Studios became what it is today. I hope you find as much value in experiencing nothingness as I did. You may be pleasantly surprised by how much of yourself, and the world, you can find in it.